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As a thank you for supporting this project, you will be immortalized in the credits of the documentary film and the animated feature film, and you will also receive the script of the film in PDF with annotations from the director and photographs of the shooting.

What is the timetable?

Over two years we have conducted interviews with experts and survivors, we have visited Israel, Prague, Terezin, Krakow, Madrid and Auschwitz in search of information and unique materials for this work.

We started as a small documentary and it has become a great transmedia project around the animated feature film. In October 2021 the documentary will be ready with the aim of presenting it in competition for the Berlinale. The animated feature film is scheduled to be completed in 2023.


And from now?
After completing the development phase, which includes the script, the story-board and the character design, with your help we will begin the realization of the teaser, which is a sample of how the film will look with its final art. But the rewards will arrive sooner, on September 19 a new virtual meeting will be held with the director and the producers to share news and answer all your questions.

As soon as the teaser be ready, you will receive it confidentially before it is made public. At the end of each quarter we will send an update by email with the progress of the production.

What will we use your money for?

The proceeds will be used to make the aforementioned teaser, which is key to be able to get pre-sales that allow the financing of the film to be closed.


+ Information
If you want more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us by email

And you can always find out and stay up-to-date through social networks, where we will answer all your questions.


Abad Escribano, Ricardo
Abad Lamas, Maria Belén
Aguilarte García,Daniel
Aldea Herradón, José Antonio
Ana Albés González
Ana Guajardo Mozo
Balboa Lolo , José Manuel
Bandín , Cristina
Belén Santana López
Berenbaum , Michael
Bermudez Salinas, María
Blanco García ,Ana
Blanco, Natalia
Braña Álvarez, José Manuel
Breton , Jean.François
Campo Pérez, Manuel
Campos Leiros, Miriam
Cisneros Sixto, José Antonio
Costa Romero , Sara
Cotarelo , Marta
Cotarelo Jimenez, Inés
Cotarelo, Federico
Couceiro Bueno, Suso
Criado Giménez,Victoria
Cundines Chus
David Novoa Rubio
De Arcos Caño, Joaquín

De la Torre, Dani
De Rivera Parga, Pilar
Delgado, María
Díaz Fernández, María Nieves
Diego de Somonte Bueno, Virginia
Dominguez Pérez, Eva
Esmoris Ana
Esmoris Ordoñez , Margarita
Espinosa Barrientos Daniel
Estévez Salazar , Felicia
Fandiño López , José Ramón
Fandiño López , José Ramón
Fernandez ,Betty
Fernandez Conde, Alejandra
Fernández García, Carlos
Fernandez Zapico,Juan
Fidalgo García, Carmen
Fraga Castro Santiago
Freire Vila, Tomás
Gago Diaz,Álvaro
Garabatos, Blanca Paula
Garcia Freire, Rocio
García Hernandez, Antonio
Gomez Lodeiros, Manuel Isaac
Gómez Salgado,David José
Greenbaum, Miriam
Guillín Fraga,Juan José

Hernández Benito Irene Maria
Hidalgo Muiño, Carlos Alberto
Hurtado García , José Francisco
Iglesias Alvarez, Ferran
Iglesias González,Mario
Iglesias Seoane Mateo
Jacobo Rey barreiro-Meiro
Jose Vicente Febles Santana
Lage fernández José
Leira ,Enrique
Llamazares Alonso, Esther
Lois Salgado, Enriqueta
López garcía, Juan Antonio
López Leis, Jessica
López Lizana,Alejandro
López Vigo, Alfonso
Lopo Bermúdez, Roberto
Luisa M Vázquez Casal
Madrazo, Esteban
Margolis, Gina
Mathieson Alec
Maurel Walter
Meijide, Mercedes
Merinero Rojo, Mª Inés
Merino Olmo , Juan Carlos
Migueles Alonso, Alfredo

Mini Alonso, Lois Víctor
Moya Arrabal, Jose Miguel
Mujico, Fernando
Núñez Garcia, Álvaro
Ortega, Alfonso
Ozores Dopereiro ,Juan
Ozores Dopereiro ,Soledad
Palacios , Fernando
Pampin conde, Maria
Patiño Meijide , Inés
Pellón, David
Peñascal Juni,José Luis
Pereira Casal , Carlos Alberto
Pereiro Medín,Alberto
Pérez Duran,David
Quintela, Francisco
Ramil, Flavia
Raquel Portela Tejero
Represa Nieto Rubén
Rio Rey, Carmen
Romero Martínez, Alejandro
Sala, Joan
Salmons, Paul
Samuel Rivas Dorado
Santamaría Pazos, Xose
Sastre , Felisa
Sastre , Luis

Seré Skuld
Sierra Pajuelo, David
Sierra Pajuelo,Angel
Sierra Pajuelo,Nando
Silva Naveros, María Reyes
Sussman ,Fredy
Taboada Villca Jonathan Paul
Toca Carús, Inés
Trigo Gomez, Ana Beatriz
Tubío Franco,Mª Carmen
Ursula Rieckhof Alayza
Van Pelt, Robert Jan
Vázquez Arteta Asier
Vázquez fernández Anxo
Vázquez Fernández Uxío
Vázquez López, Jose Luis
Vazquez Rozas. Marcos
Viejo Caamaña, Tiago
Vlasakova, Katerina
Xavier Güell Rossell
Yurss Arruga, Ana María
Zamarreño Cosme,Luis
Zapata Gonzalez, Oscar
Zelis , Carlos
Zorzo Pacheco, Félix


Has been recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Justice since 2011. Its members live in many cities of this region: Ourense, Vigo, Santiago, A Coruña, Ribadeo, and more.

It is currently one of the four most important festivals in the Jewish world, along with Toronto, San Francisco, United Kingdom and Atlanta.

is part of the University of Santiago de Compostela, one of the most recognized education centers in the world, founded in 1495.

Company settled in Prague formed by historians and guides. They have an expert team in the History of the Terezín ghetto.

On the initiative of the newly created Czechoslovak government, in 1947 the National Suffering Memorial was opened on the site of the suffering of tens of thousands;

is a non-profit organisation that originates from the Terezín Initiative Foundation (Nadace Terezínská iniciative) that was founded in 1993 by an international association of former prisoners of the Terezín ghetto.

The expositions of the Jewish Museum in Prague are located in four historical synagogues. The museum tour further includes Old Jewish Cemetery and Robert Guttmann Gallery.

is a non-profit organization that operates in and around Santiago de Compostela

One of the most widely read Spanish-language Jewish media in the world, with a history of 9 years of work.